Fireplace Mantels & Mantelshelves

Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, Decorative Concepts will build the affordable, custom fireplace mantel or mantelshelf that you need. For pricing, select a product below:

Fireplace Mantel Mantelshelf

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Great Options

  • Choose from a wide variety of styles for your mantel or mantelshelf.

  • At no extra charge choose from up to eight stock sizes in each mantel style to fit your fireplace as closely as possible.

  • Choose between paintable MDF or from eight species of beautiful, classic hardwoods.

  • We ship all of our products unfinished to give you the greatest possible control over the final result.

  • We can accomodate tile or marble around your firebox opening with a simple Tile Gap adjustment.

  • Order your mantel either as a Homeowner Kit or a Builder Kit to suit your skills, tools, and budget.

Great Value

  • All of our products in both our paint grade and stain grade options are made of top grade materials.

  • We use no plywood or veneers in our stain grade products.

  • By buying our materials in bulk we keep our prices well below the competition.

  • Having pricing options to fit your taste in mantels, your budget and your installation skills allows you to buy just the right amount of fireplace mantel -- not too little and not too much.